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his laboratory was designed for the processing of very small amouts of polymers. The targeted range is one gram up to 20 and more, depending on equipment and final application. The applied techiques permit the fabrication of polymer blends, fibers, films, laminates, and testing specimen from melt and solution. The screening and testing of additives, fillers and dyes in thermoplastics are also investigated. A facility for mechanical testing permits the determination of mechanical properties as modulus, strength and elongation at break. Rheological data are determined in the Rheology Lab.
In addition to frequent use of know-how and equipment by University members, the collaboration, consulting, and contracting with small and mid-size local companies is part of the philosophy of the laboratory.

Processing Techniques & Equipment

•  Films, laminates, coatings, alignment layers

   Compression molding
   Film extrusion
   Doctor blade technique
   Radiation UV-curing of films and melts
   Alignment layers: PTFE friction deposition,
                              PI buffing

Available Equipment:
   Carver 25 ton press
   Randcastle 1/4-inch Microtruder
   Doctor blade machine
   Friction Deposition
   Buffing machine

•  Fiber spinning

Available Equipment:
   Randcastle 1/4-inch Microtruder with fiber die
   SWO Capillary Spinner "Meltflixer"
   Solution spinning line

•  High shear mixing

   Polymer blend preparation
   Additive and filler compounding

Available Equipment:
   Twin Screw Mixer
   IKA ViscoStirrer

•  Test specimen preparation

Available Equipment:
   DACA Instr. MicroInjector (Range: 1-3 g)
   Ray-Ran Injection Molding Press (min. ca. 20 g)
   Testspecimen Puncher

•  Testing equipment

Melt index:
   SWO MeltFlixer
Dynamic-mechanical and thermomechanical analysis:
   Equipment is located in the Rheology Lab
Tensile and other tests up to 600 °C:
   INSTRON Universal Tester
X-Ray Scattering:
   Available equipment is listed here
   Olympus BX60 Polarizing Microscope
   SEM and TEM are available at the BIMF

•  Material conditioning

   Retsch ZM 100 Ultra Mill
   IKA A10 Grinder
   Heraeus Instr. VT 6060M vaccum oven
   Memmert hot air drying oven

•  Post-Treatment


Available Equipment:
   Instron High Temperatur Chamber (600 °C)
   Drawing rig
   Curing and imidization apparatus
   Nabertherm High Temperature Oven (1100 °C)


  • Dr. Reiner Giesa

Keylab Polymer Processing
Bldg. PNS
Universität Bayreuth
95440 Bayreuth
Tel.: +49 (0) 921 55 4420
Fax: +49 (0) 921 55 4488

  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Schmidt

Makromolekulare Chemie I
Universität Bayreuth
95440 Bayreuth
Tel.: +49 (0) 921 55 3200
Fax: +49 (0) 921 55 3206

Other Information

Flyer (pdf, 120 kB)

Flyer english


  •  Postal and Shipping Address:

Dr. Reiner Giesa
Universitätstr. 30
95447 Bayreuth

Research Activities
  • Reinforcement of PET Monofilaments

In-situ reinforcement of PET monofilaments with newly developed non-crystalline liquid cristalline polyesters

  • Cholesteric Acrylatemixtures

Thermotropic and Lyotropic Diacrylate Mixtures for the Fabrication of Cholesteric Pigments

  • Composite Materials

High temperature composite bulk materials with low thermal expansion coefficient. PMR available

  • Lyotropic Polyimide Precursors

Synthesis and orientation of fully aromatic polyimids via CVDpolymerization and lyotropic precursor polymers

  • Miniature Test Specimen

Processing of small amounts of polymer into test specimen or other shapes. PMR available

  • Batch extrusion of microtubing

Microtubing (180-2000 Ám OD) is extruded on a 5 g scale.

  • Minimization of tensile test specimen

Mechanical properties of a standard material are evaluated as function of test specimen dimensions.

  • Simultaneous cure of thermoset samples

Eight thermosetting samples with different composition are cured at the same time.


  • Supporting Companies

No work could be done without the help and support of numerous companies, which have been or are project partners and/or generously provided resins, samples, and other materials.

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