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Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry I - Prof. Dr. Johannes C. Brendel

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Grafik zur Selbstassemblierung von Polymeren

Self-assembly of polymers

Nanostructures with variable shape and size are produced from (block) copolymers or using controlled polymerisation processes.

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Grafik zu supramolekularen Strukturen

Supramolecular structure formation

Anisotropic structures are assembled from modified polymer building blocks through directing supramolecular interactions.

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Grafik zu reaktiven Monomeren und Polymeren

Reactive monomers & polymers

Novel reactive monomers are synthesised and tested in different polymerisation processes, while reactive polymers are investigated for subsequent modifications.

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Wechselwirkung von Nanostrukturen mit Gewebe

Biological interactions

We study the interaction of our nanostructures with cells or tissue in collaboration with pharmacy and medicine.

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Abbildung von konjugierten Polymeren

Conductive & redox-active polymers

Conjugated polymers and other conductive polymers, as well as redox-active polymers, are prepared by various controlled processes.

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Affenkopf wird in einem 3D-Drucker gedruckt

Reactive printing processes

3D structures are printed by in situ polymerization processes or from dynamic supramolecular materials.

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