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Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry I - Prof. Dr. Johannes C. Brendel

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Welcome to Macromolecular Chemistry I

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​Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry I

​The Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry I is home to the research groups of Professor Johannes C. Brendel (AG Brendel) and Junior Professor Alex J. Plajer (AG Plajer).

Our expertise ranges from the synthesis of novel reactive monomers, functional (block) copolymers and metallopolymers to the supramolecular structuring of hierarchically organized materials. Our research efforts focus on fundamental research to improve our understanding of structure formation at the nanoscale, as well as diverse application-oriented work ranging from the development of selective drug delivery systems for medical applications to conjugated, redox-active or metal-based polymers for optoelectronic applications.

Our courses include various lectures on polymer synthesis, processing and their applications. In this context, we offer various research internships as part of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in chemistry or related disciplines.

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